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welding Traveling Water Screen Parts screening systmesSSI rebuilds all designs, makes and models of traveling water screens. Our rebuilding program refurbishes traveling water screens back to their original specifications using only exact replacement parts.

Once your water screen is at our facility, it is completely disassembled and sandblasted to bare metal. The complete traveling water screen is then inspected and a detailed inspection report is prepared outlining its exact condition and what repairs are necessary. Should the traveling water screen require repairs beyond the scope of the original cost estimate, a new estimate is prepared and emailed, along with digital photos to the customer for evaluation.

During the rebuild process each traveling water screen receives new replacement parts or repair to existing parts and frame assemblies. Also during the rebuilding process we can offer upgrades for the traveling water screen to overcome any type of problems it previously had and to ensure the rebuilt screen will provide years of dependable parts and service. Once the main frame and sub assemblies have been rebuilt, the entire traveling water screen and all of its parts are coated with an immersion-service-rated epoxy paint. The traveling water screen is then reassembled and test run is completed.


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