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New Traveling Water Screens

traveling water intake screen in riverWhatever your facility's screening needs -- debris removal, fish handling, or heavy duty, continuous running conditions-- SSI can design and build a screen to meet your demands. Need a rebuild? Visit our page at Rebuild Traveling Water Screen.

Our team evaluates flow velocities, water well depths, corrosion factors, debris loading and other vital performance conditions in order to ensure maximum durability and maintenance-free operation of your new water intake screen.

Traveling Water Screens have been screening raw water intakes since it became necessary to have clean, debris free water. Simplistic in design the basic Traveling Water Screen has not changed much in over 100 years. Except for some minor design variations, there are two basic screens in use worldwide today: Thru Flow Water Intake Screen and Dual Flow Water Intake Screen.
Dual FlowInserted parallel to the water flow the Dual Flow traveling water screen typically offers more efficient screening as it utilizes both sides of the screening media and completely eliminates the possibility of debris carry over. Learn more >

Thru Flow is the most common type of Traveling Water Screen. They are placed into the intake at right angles to the flow. The water passes through the rotating baskets. Only one side of the unit is utilized for screening thereby reducing the effectiveness of this design. Learn more >


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