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Dual Flow

Inserted parallel to the water flow the Dual Flow type typically offers more efficient screening as it utilizes both sides of the screening media and completely eliminates the possibility of debris carry over.

Dual Flow screens can be further divided into three sub categories:
  1. Double entry Single exit flow.
  2. Single entry Double exit flow. Also known as a Center Flow design.
  3. Retro-Fit Dual Flow can be inserted into the same well as an existing Thru Flow Design, without civil modifications; thereby increasing the screening efficiency.
Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel other alloys available upon request.
Dual Flow Traveling Water Screen

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  • Dual flow Frame can be stand alone rugged frame work
  • Special curved basket design. These baskets offer up to 60% more screen area than conventional flat mesh baskets, this equates to larger lifting capacity
  • Roll around boot section - standard
  • Multiple speeds available
  • Self Cleaning
  • Low maintenance components available
  • Designed to eliminate debris carryover.

  • Instead of stand alone the frame can be mounted directly on to the water well wall
  • Positive debris removal, using spray and aided by gravity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Automatic differential controls protects unit against high debris loading
  • Can be designed for 24 hr operation
  • Equipped with fewer moving parts below the floor line for reduced maintenance and greater reliability.



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