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Bar Racks

Bar Racks are used as the first line of defense in a water intake system. Designed to stop the heavier and bulkier material, the racks are usually made from coated Carbon Steel but can be supplied in any material required, 304 SS, 316 SS or non-corrosive high strength polyurethane. The spacing between the bars are fixed and is sized according to the type of debris to be encountered and the design water differential,the usual spacing being 2.5" to 3" on center.

Typically the racks are lowered into the water well using guides installed on the sides of the concrete structure. Depending on the size of the rack they can be supplied in one piece or in multiple segments. These guides also facilitate the removal of the racks for periodic painting and servicing.

Depending on the width and depth of the rack system, cleaning can be accomplished manually or automatically by a raking mechanism such as a Trash Rake.


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