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316b Compliant - Fish Handling Screens 316b compliant or "Fish Handling Screens"
Screening Systems International understands that each intake system is unique. The team here at SSI understand the difficulties that come with complying with Fish Handling requirements which is why we have devoted ourselves to maintaining the highest standards of designing, manufacturing and installing Fish Handling Traveling Water Screens.
Trash RakesTrash Rakes are heavy duty raking devices used to remove extremely heavy debris and are usually found upstream of the Traveling Water Screen. Sometimes also referred to as Fine Screens, these rakes are suitable for dealing with large quantities of leaves, sea grass, jellyfish and logs. Two types of Trash Takes are available from Screening Systems International including the MOTH™ system.
New Traveling Water Screens Whatever your facility's screening need-- debris removal, fish handling, or heavy duty, continuous running conditions-- SSI can design and build a screen to meet your demands. Our design team evaluates flow velocities, well depths, corrosion factors, debris loading and other vital performance conditions in order to ensure maximum durability and maintenance-free operation of your new screen.
RebuildsSSI rebuilds all designs, makes and models of traveling water screens. Our rebuilding program refurbishes traveling water screens back to their original specifications using only exact replacement parts.
Parts SSI can react to your emergency parts needs immediately, with no unnecessary delays. No matter what the make or manufacture of your traveling water screen, we stock the largest inventory of upgrade and exact replacement parts anywhere. All replacement and upgrade parts are guaranteed to fit exactly as the originally supplied parts.
Auxiliary Intake Equipment We offer auxiliary parts including Stop Log Gates, Sluice Gates, Bar Racks and Mechanical Bar Screens in addition to Traveling Water Screens.
Dual Flow Inserted parallel to the water flow the Dual Flow type typically offers more efficient screening as it utilizes both sides of the screening media and completely eliminates the possibility of debris carry over.
Thru-Flow Thru Flow is the most common type of Water Screen. They are placed into the intake at right angles to the flow. The water passes through the rotating baskets. Only one side of the unit is utilized for screening thereby reducing the effectiveness of this design.



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