About Us

Over 20 years ago our founder the late Mr. Henry A. Watson Sr, laid out a very simple business model for Screening Systems International -
"We will provide our customers a superior, personalized product,
above average quality, while maintaining fair and competitive pricing".
Today, Screening Systems International is proud to continue to build on the foundation of that original proposition.

With offices strategically located throughout the United States and Internationally we are able to offer a level of quality, production and response time that surpasses some of our Fortune 500 competition! As you explore our website you will see that we design and manufacture a broad range of auxiliary intake equipment to meet every potential application.

Our State of the Art, manufacturing facility located in Slaughter, Louisiana, just North of Baton Rouge and approximately 110 miles from the Port of New Orleans,Screening Systems International is the ONLY plant of our size dedicated to the manufacturing of Traveling Water Screens, Mechanical Bar Screens, Fish Handling Screens, and many other Auxiliary Intake equipment.

With the help of our design team we can help you design long-term durability and reliability into your intake. We present a complete range of products, which are applicable in almost every industry where screening systems are required. SSI has been a leader in the design and manufacture of water intake equipment and systems for both municipal and industrial markets worldwide. Our vast knowledge combined with years of experience allows us to provide our customers with the most advanced solutions to their screening needs.

If you have traveling water screen needs, call Screening Systems International. SSI is capable, experienced and willing to serve you.

Please contact us for information regarding any of the following applications and services:



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