316B Solutions

316B Solutions
3/23/2012 10:53:48 AM
SSI can help with all phases of 316B compliance. We have proven designs to make your Traveling Water Screens 316B compliance.

Modified Ristroph Fish Bucket Design

The capture device has to be installed. Consists
of special purpose bucket designed solely for capture and retention of marine life.
- Deep trough fish basket – designed to
enhance survival potential.
- Smooth-top slotted mesh – provides for
increased open areas, reduced velocities
and discourages stapling.

Typical Fish Screen Arrangement

•Screen Panel, Smooth-Top mesh. Provides for increased open area, reduced velocities and discourages stapling of debris.
•Bottom Rail has concave shape that retains water and fish as panels ascend over driver sprocket.
•Panel rotates over sprocket. Aided by low pressure spray system ( < 10 psi) the fish rail spills out captive water and fish.
•Released fish then slide along incline into fish sluice and are returned down stream to the source water.
•Debris is then blown off the panels with the aid of a high pressure spray system.

Convert Existing Screen To Modified Ristroph Design

•New head section frame – To accommodate the fish return trough and additional low pressure headers
•New 2-piece free standing front and rear housings. Will incorporate the new fish return trough. Free standing housings will allow the fish trough to remain in place in the event the screen is removed for maintenance
•All new fish baskets. Incorporating Modified Ristroph fish bucket
•All new carrier chain. Extended life maintenance free carrier chain.

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